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September update

October 9, 2008

September has come and gone, and Photo Service has already been up to a lot:

– We’ve been doing great things with the studio, utilizing equipment we never knew existed, getting more creative, and giving members hot new photos for their Facebook!
A photo of Susie by MJ

– We have some pretty neat shirts, FREE for all members who are in good standing
A photo of Bunni by Brandyn

We went to the Altamont Flea Market and had alot of fun. Bought stuff for the office, as well as cool things to photograph in the studio. If you were lucky enough to be in my car, we also went to a pumpkin patch after!

A photo of a very creepy doll by Brittany

– We took a trip downtown at last night’s meeting for some night exposures. We hit up Empire State Plaza and the Capitol (or, “stormed” the Capitol as I lamely joked). Everyone got some great photos and fun was had by all!!!A photo of Photo Servicers by Patrick

At next week’s meeting we will be setting up the projector and having a group critique. This means I will be browsing your Flickr’s (so make them/update them!) and everyone should e-mail, drop off, or come with their digital photos (scanned film where applicable) from last night’s shoot, anything you’ve been up to lately in the studio, around campus, at home, at Brogies.

Special Photo Shoutout goes to Kayla, who took this photo of a dude at Larkfest:

It’s time to put our noses to the grindstone, and everyone should be taking photos of all aspects of the University. Barry needs photos to be submitted for Torch, so use the IBM or Mac and put them in a folder with your name on it, in the SHAREDDOCS folder.

But it’s not all good news. The bad news is that the SA took extra long (contrary to their own deadlines) to make us a check, so we don’t have everything yet for developing. The order was placed today so expect in a week or two everything to be in full-effect.

Coming up in October: Museum visit (Andy Warhol Polaroids at the University museum), PhotoPlus Expo, homecoming/alumni weekend, HALLOWEEN, and more!

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppiiikillllllll in November, get psyched

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